Top 7 Fulfillment Companies to Streamline Your E-Commerce Operations

If you’re running an e-commerce business, you know that fulfilling orders and managing inventory can be a time-consuming and complicated process. Luckily, there are several third-party fulfillment companies that can streamline your operations and help you focus on growing your business.

Selecting the right fulfillment company for your eCommerce business is a vital decision since having the best product alone is not enough. The safe and timely delivery of your products to customers is equally essential. A suitable fulfillment partner can contribute significantly to your brand’s success, while a wrong choice can ruin the customer experience and future revenue from repeat customers. However, with so many fulfillment companies available, how do you choose the perfect one?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 7 fulfillment companies that can help you manage your orders, inventory, shipping, and more. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale your business, these fulfillment companies offer a range of services that can meet your needs.

8 Essentials When Choosing a Fulfillment Company

shipping speed

To meet the evolving expectations of modern consumers who are expecting faster shipping speeds than ever before, it is crucial to work with a fulfillment company that can deliver on them. If you fail to do so, you may lose out on revenue from the 53% of consumers who have abandoned an online purchase because of slow delivery times.

Efficient and effective fulfillment processes with numerous strategically-located fulfillment warehouses and simplified order fulfillment software are key features of top fulfillment companies that enable them to get your products to your customers quickly.

Order Fulfillment Software

To avoid adding another slow and confusing software to the already long list of digital tools and platforms used in your eCommerce business, it’s essential to research not just the fulfillment company but also their order fulfillment software.

Each fulfillment company has its own software with different capabilities, and it’s crucial to identify your needs and goals to choose a partner that can meet them. The software should be easy to implement and integrate with other business apps you use on a daily basis.

Location of Fulfillment Warehouses

To meet the demands of customers expecting speedy delivery times, the location of a fulfillment warehouse is crucial. The closer a warehouse is to the end customer, the quicker the delivery time and the lower the shipping costs. When selecting a fulfillment company, it’s vital to know where their warehouses are located, as having just a few warehouses may result in a delay in delivery times.

It’s also essential to ensure that the fulfillment partner has warehouses in locations that are convenient for your customers, especially if your business operates globally. Otherwise, your company could suffer if it can’t meet customers’ shipping expectations.

Branding Options

With millions of eCommerce businesses competing for consumer attention, it’s essential to differentiate your brand. A dull, generic brown box does not contribute to creating an engaging and personal customer experience. This is where branding options from an order fulfillment company can help build your brand and create buzz for your business.

Personalization is key for modern consumers, who are more likely to engage with brands that offer a unique experience. By providing custom-tailored and exciting branding options, you can delight your customers and turn them into repeat buyers.

Considering branding potential when selecting a fulfillment partner is crucial, with 89% of digital businesses investing in personalization and 51% of digital marketers prioritizing it. Neglecting this aspect could harm your user experience and negatively impact your business.


With so many companies offering similar products, gaining the trust of customers can be a daunting task. Consumers are likely to stick with a brand they trust in the long run. To build this trust, transparency is crucial. In fact, in a survey, 56% of consumers stated that they would be loyal to a company for life if it provided complete transparency. 81% of consumers also indicated that they would try a brand’s entire product line if they were comfortable with its degree of transparency.

Your fulfillment process is a critical aspect of building transparency. 88% of consumers say that real-time shipment tracking is important, and 69% say they are less likely to shop with a retailer in the future if a purchase is not delivered within two days of the promised date. If you can’t keep your promises, you risk losing the trust of your customers, and they may not return. Therefore, it is vital to choose a fulfillment partner who can offer complete visibility into their fulfillment process, is reliable, and can be trusted to be held accountable.


When outsourcing your fulfillment to a third-party logistics provider, it’s important to keep in mind that there may be initial upfront costs. However, over time, you’ll likely save money on labor, overhead, and packing supplies. To ensure you’re getting the best value for your money, it’s crucial to choose a fulfillment center that offers competitive pricing.

Long-term storage fees should not be a concern when it comes to fulfillment, as it’s the warehouse’s responsibility. Additionally, fulfillment centers can leverage their shipping volume to obtain better carrier rates, which can be passed on to you as an eCommerce retailer. These savings can help you compete with larger retailers by offering free or discounted shipping to your customers.


When it comes to shipping products, packaging is an important consideration that can impact your customer experience. That’s why it’s crucial to work with a fulfillment center that offers a range of packaging options to ensure your products are protected during transit.

In addition to a variety of box sizes, you should also have access to different insulation materials such as styrofoam peanuts, corrugated paper, foam rolls, shredded paper, bubble wrap, or air pillows. Furthermore, it’s important to choose a fulfillment partner with a dedicated warehouse kitting team who can ensure your products are packaged securely every time.

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What is eCommerce order fulfillment?

Fulfillment companies

E-commerce order fulfillment refers to the process of receiving, processing, and delivering online orders to customers. It is the process of fulfilling customer orders, including picking, packing, and shipping the products. E-commerce businesses outsource this process to third-party logistics (3PL) companies or fulfillment centers, which specialize in handling the order fulfillment process.

For example, imagine a customer orders a t-shirt from an online store. The e-commerce business then forwards the order details to their chosen fulfillment center. The fulfillment center receives the order, picks the t-shirt from their inventory, packs it securely in appropriate packaging, and ships it to the customer’s address. Once the order is shipped, the fulfillment center provides the e-commerce business with a tracking number, which they pass on to the customer, allowing them to track their shipment.

E-commerce order fulfillment is a crucial aspect of running an online business as it ensures that customers receive their products in a timely and efficient manner. It requires coordination between the e-commerce business, the fulfillment center, and the shipping carriers to ensure that orders are processed quickly, accurately, and shipped on time.

Best Logistics Fulfillment Companies

1.Fulfillment by Amazon

With access to Amazon’s network of 170 fulfillment centers and 250,000 employees, FBA provides fulfillment services, including free two-day delivery for Amazon Prime members. The fees for standard-sized packages include picking, packing, shipping, and handling customer service returns.


  • Access to Amazon’s extensive network of 170 fulfillment centers, which have more than 150 million square feet of warehouse space and 250,000 full-time employees.
  • Ability to make items Price-qualified, which allows Amazon Prime members to order products with free two-day delivery. This can significantly increase sales as additional costs such as shipping are the most regular culprits of abandoned carts.
  • Reasonable fulfillment fees for standard-sized packages, including picking and packing of products, shipping, and handling customer service returns. This can help businesses save money and focus on other aspects of their operations.
  • Additional charges for specific products such as clothing and those containing lithium batteries, making it easy for businesses to factor in these fees into their pricing strategy.
  • Inventory storage fees are charged based on cubic footage, with lower fees from January to September and higher fees from October to December. This allows businesses to manage their inventory costs effectively.
  • Compatibility with nearly every eCommerce platform, including Shift4Shop, making it a convenient choice for most merchants.


Created by eCommerce entrepreneurs for eCommerce businesses, ShipBob offers a 2-Day Express Shipping Program and integrates with popular eCommerce platforms. Services include order tracking, inventory management, and international shipping.


  • Created by eCommerce entrepreneurs who understand the needs of online businesses.
  • Provides a 2-Day Express Shipping Program to meet customer expectations.
  • Proprietary software is free to every ShipBob client and integrates with popular eCommerce platforms, making it easy to track orders, inventory, and shipments.
  • Supports international shipping in more than 200 countries, expanding your customer base.
  • Offers B2B and wholesale services such as freight quotes and pallet preparation.
  • Allows you to utilize custom branding for your boxes, promoting brand recognition and customer loyalty.
  • Can perform kitting if necessary, saving you time and effort.
  • No minimum order volume is required, making it accessible for small and large businesses alike.

3. Huboo

Based in the UK, Huboo partners with businesses of all sizes to provide automatic storage, picking, packing, and dispatching. Huboo’s software integrates with many eCommerce platforms and allows businesses to focus on growing their business.


  • Scalability: Huboo caters to businesses of all sizes, which means that they can accommodate the needs of a brand-new business as well as an established online retailer.
  • Automated fulfillment: Huboo takes care of the entire fulfillment process from storing, picking, packing, and dispatching your packages automatically when orders arrive. This ensures that your buyers receive their orders in a short time and in good condition.
  • Personalized service: Huboo boasts about grasping what its sellers want. Its team will do the same, abiding by how you want your product to be packed and delivered in line with your brand and shipping instructions.
  • Integration with eCommerce platforms: Huboo software integrates with many eCommerce platforms, making it easier for you to manage your orders and inventory. This creates a chance for you to focus on doing what you do best: developing your business.

4. Rakuten Super Logistics

With 100% order accuracy and 100% order turnaround by the next business day, Rakuten Super Logistics offers two-day ground shipping to 98% of the US. They require an order volume minimum of 250 orders a month.


  • Founded in 2001 with extensive experience in the industry.
  • Offers high-quality services.
  • Ensures 100% order accuracy and 100% order turnaround by the next business day.
  • Can offer two-day ground shipping to 98% of the US with its infrastructure.
  • Requires an order volume minimum of 250 orders a month.
  • Offers an Enterprise plan that can manage up to 10,000 orders on a monthly basis.

5. eFulfillment Service

A popular choice for small businesses, eFulfillment Service offers competitive pricing, storage, and cross-docking services for crowdfunded ventures. Their software integrates with many eCommerce platforms.


  • No order minimums or long-term contracts required
  • Competitive pricing for fulfillment and storage
  • Offers cross-docking, which allows for quick shipping of newly developed items for crowdfunded ventures
  • Integration with many eCommerce platforms, including Shift4Shop

6. Red Stag Fulfillment

Offering a reliable service with no order minimums or long-term contracts, Red Stag Fulfillment pays a $50 penalty for not unloading shipments within 48 hours and offers a $50 refund for any errors. Their software integrates with popular eCommerce platforms.


  • 48-hour unloading guarantee or $50 payout
  • No charge for orders not delivered according to service level agreement and $50 payout
  • No charge for wrong product or wrong number of products delivered and $50 payout
  • No shrinkage and takes responsibility for warehouse damage
  • No order minimums and long-term contracts
  • Direct integration with popular eCommerce platforms like Shift4Shop

7. FreightPros

Ideal for small businesses, FreightPros offers attentive services and a large variety of tools to directly handle shipments, rail carriers, and more. Their online tools make booking, quoting, and tracking products easy.


  • Attentive services and a large variety of tools for small businesses to directly handle their shipment
  • Monitors the entire shipment process from pickup to delivery, catching and resolving delivery problems instantly
  • Adds freight carriers based on users’ needs and gives them exact recommendations, keeping affordable options in mind
  • Terrific online tools for booking, quoting, and tracking the products
  • Can handle large shipments as well as low as one shipment with proper management
  • Ideal for small enterprises with a key feature of small shipping level

8. WhiteBox

Offering all fulfillment solutions, storage fees, and shipping services under one platform, WhiteBox eliminates unnecessary costs for small and medium-sized enterprises. However, they require an initial onboarding fee of $3,000 and charge a 10% fee on total sales.


  • All-in-one eCommerce fulfillment solution: WhiteBox offers a single platform for all fulfillment solutions, storage fees, and shipping services, making it easier for businesses to manage their entire eCommerce operation.
  • Cost-effective: WhiteBox eliminates unnecessary costs, making it an ideal choice for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Global reach: WhiteBox helps businesses grow and expand globally, reaching a wider audience.
  • Excellent customer experience: WhiteBox ensures effective handling of all tasks, leading to reduced in-house work and freeing up time for businesses to focus on other important tasks.
  • Onboarding fee and fulfillment cost: WhiteBox requires an initial onboarding fee of $3,000 and a fulfillment cost of 10% of the total sales.

9. RedHawk Global

Providing freight, warehousing, shipping, and distribution of products, RedHawk Global offers a wide range of services, including less than load, cross-border import/export, intermodal rail containers, and flatbed.


  • Offers a wide range of services including less than load, cross-border import/export, intermodal rail containers, and flatbed.
  • Provides third-party logistics services such as freight storage, sort-store-repack, and distribution.
  • Enables small shippers to monitor shipments, rate shop, book, and oversee freight movements with its eFreightLine portal.
  • Dedicated account representatives handle scheduled tasks and daily bookings.
  • Helps customers catch various discounts and cost-saving opportunities.
  • Guides customers to specify accurate National Motor Freight Classification tariff (NMFC) numbers, which can help reduce freight class and save costs.

10. FedEx Fulfillment

Providing eCommerce solutions, including reverse logistics, packaging, warehousing, storage, and order fulfillment, FedEx Fulfillment offers integrations with all popular eCommerce platforms and customizes packing and value-added services.


  • Provides a comprehensive eCommerce solution including reverse logistics, packaging, warehousing, storage, and order fulfillment
  • Suitable for fast-developing small businesses
  • Offers visibility and transparent policies related to goods, inventory, and tracking process
  • Assigns an attentive professional to help small business owners complete the whole process seamlessly
  • Integrates with all popular eCommerce platforms, such as Shift4Shop and Shopify
  • Provides flexibility in customizing packing and value-added services
  • Empowers small businesses to satisfy customer expectations.

11. Ships-a-Lot

Concentrating on high-volume transactions, Ships-a-Lot guarantees 24-hour delivery from the warehouse or will compensate $20 for every delayed delivery. They work with small operators and monitor products and packaging via cameras.


  • Focus on high-volume transactions: Ships-a-Lot primarily partners with major retailers who sell small, lightweight, and easy-to-transport products.
  • Delivery guarantee: The company guarantees that goods will be delivered within 24 hours from the warehouse, and if they fail to do so, they will compensate $20 for every delayed delivery.
  • Small operations: Ships-a-Lot works with small operators instead of using huge warehouses.
  • Monitoring and tracking: The company uses cameras to monitor all products and their adequate safety and packaging, and also tracks shipments with carriers’ reports after they leave the warehouse.


Offering transport and logistics through supply chain optimization, distribution, and freight forwarding, GEODIS has a global presence in over 120 countries. They provide warehousing and distribution center management for effective supply chains.


  • Global presence with a network of about 120 countries
  • Provides transport and logistics via supply chain optimization, distribution, freight forwarding, road transport, and more
  • Offers end-to-end solutions through contract logistics, including warehousing and distribution center management
  • Helps businesses deliver goods to customers worldwide with a streamlined flow process that reduces inventory costs and improves stock rotations
  • Offers 24-hour, 48-hour, and last-mile deliveries for tailored shipments to customers

13. Hollingsworth

Based in Michigan, Hollingsworth offers flexible warehousing services, including order fulfillment, distribution, packaging, accumulation, and more. With SAP technologies and exceptional customer service, they simplify operations and provide a good customer experience.


  • The company owns a large warehouse space with many shipping and receiving docks, which allows for efficient handling of a high volume of orders.
  • The use of new warehouse management technology and SAP technologies helps streamline operations and reduce costs.
  • Hollingsworth offers flexible warehousing solutions that include order fulfillment, distribution, packaging, and accumulation, among others.
  • The company provides 24/7 railside dock loading, which can help speed up deliveries.
  • Hollingsworth prides itself on exceptional customer service, ensuring that your customers have a positive experience with their orders.

Popular Warehousing & Fulfillment Locations in the Country

The top 10 locations for warehousing and fulfillment services in the US are as follows:

  1. Southern California – Ideal for businesses receiving inbound freight from overseas.
  2. New Jersey – Proximity to densely populated New York makes it an appealing option.
  3. Dallas, Texas – Centrally located and a midpoint between several major cities.
  4. Houston, Texas – Access to the Gulf of Mexico and the “Cargo Gateway of the Americas.”
  5. Illinois – Specifically the Chicago area, with a wide range of industries and transportation options.
  6. Florida – Access to Latin America, Central America, and the Caribbean.
  7. Nevada – Proximity to the West Coast, affordability compared to California, and easy access to Los Angeles.
  8. Georgia – Access to the Savannah and Charleston ports and convenient for distributing to nearby states.
  9. Pennsylvania – Central point in the northeast and cheaper labor costs than New York City.
  10. Missouri – Centrally located with connections to several rivers and interstate highways.

These locations offer a variety of benefits, including proximity to major transportation hubs, access to ports and railroads, affordable labor costs, and the ability to reach a large portion of the country within a short timeframe. Additionally, many of these locations offer incentives to businesses and are known for their efficient logistics services, making them an ideal choice for warehousing and fulfillment needs.

The benefits of outsourcing your ecommerce order fulfillment

Outsourcing order fulfillment has multiple benefits that go beyond just not having to do the work yourself. Providing excellent order fulfillment is crucial for meeting the expectations of customers and building a successful business. Delayed, missing, or incorrect shipments can negatively impact customer satisfaction, so getting order fulfillment right is essential. Here are eight significant advantages of outsourcing order fulfillment:

  1. Focus on other areas of your business: Outsourcing fulfillment frees up time and resources that you can invest in more impactful work such as design, marketing, and sales.
  2. Lower shipping costs: Third-party logistics companies often have warehouses across the country and around the world, which allows them to distribute inventory in a way that reduces shipping costs by up to 25%. Additionally, fulfillment providers often receive preferential rates from carriers, which can save you between 15% and 35% on published shipping rates.
  3. Faster shipping: Having multiple warehouses across the country allows outsourcing fulfillment to provide faster delivery times, which is crucial for meeting the expectations of today’s consumers.
  4. Accurate shipping information: Providing accurate delivery information at checkout is crucial for transparency and customer satisfaction. Outsourcing fulfillment helps to provide accurate delivery information since third-party logistics companies have the experience, manpower, and contingencies in place to deliver on time year-round.
  5. Reduced operating costs: Outsourcing fulfillment allows you to save on overhead costs and only pay for what you use. Third-party logistics companies charge for picking, packing, and shipping, as well as the storage of your goods. Some companies even offer free storage for a limited time.
  6. Expanded reach: Outsourcing fulfillment can help you extend your reach and unlock a wider market. Many fulfillment companies have a network in place to ship and deliver orders globally, making it easier to sell and ship internationally.
  7. Organized back office: Third-party logistics companies often use advanced technology that integrates with your ecommerce store, providing visibility into core aspects of your back office such as inventory management, item tracking, security, shipping and handling, carrier selection, and payment processing.
  8. More satisfied customers: Outsourcing fulfillment helps you to provide faster, cheaper shipping, accurate delivery information, and a global reach, leading to happier customers. Ultimately, the goal of your business is to satisfy customers, and outsourcing fulfillment can significantly impact your ability to achieve that goal.


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